Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Review: Giving Up the Ghost by S.A.Price

I received this book in exchange for my honest review via Goodreads. Thank you S.A Price.

First of all I’m going to say that this is the hardest review I’ve ever written. I’ve given it 3 stars, but I really wanted to give it more.

The very first thing that put me off a little when I began reading this book was that it was really confusing. I didn’t know who was talking at times and had to skip back to re-read passages. Also, during the first chapter alone we are either introduced to or the main character speaks about 6 characters. It’s a lot to take in, especially when there’s a Rhys, Randy and Reemus. I didn’t know who was who, and not to mention the paranormal side of things that gets thrown in there. I just found it all too much for the first chapter.

Going back to the characters…. I have to admit that I found the second character Nyx far more likable then either of the main characters (Rhys of Saffron). The other thing that didn’t quite sit right for me was all the strange names. I’m all for a quirky name but there was just too many of them in there for me (Nyx, Pheadra, Saffron, X - Xxieda, Winter, Randy, Renatta). There were too many ‘R’s and if their first name didn’t begin with R then their surname did – Xxieda Rolla.
Also, I needed to know more about Pheadra. I don’t want to give too much away about the story line but I found myself with lots of questions about her that didn’t get answered.

I’m going to get all of the negative things out of the way so I have to say that the amount of grammatical/editing errors that I came across made it difficult to read. I’m not sure if I was given an advanced copy or not, but I really wanted to get a red pen to it and correct things.

On the flip side, I like the concept of the story and the cover was perfect for it. It was a fast paced read (perhaps some people will say it’s too fast), but I kind of like that. If a few more bits had been included so I wasn’t left with lots of questions that I would have scored it higher.

I liked that it felt normal. I liked that the conversations would just how I imagined it to be if you’re involved in that sort of scene.

All in all I think it was good, but could have been amazing. If you want to read a fast-paced book with a cool, hot guy who’s in a band then this is the book for you!

After writing this review I found out that I had been given an ARC copy. If I'd have known that before reviewing then I would have given the book 4 stars.

See you soon!

Beckie x

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