Saturday, 19 October 2013

Existing in pictures

Hey lovelies!!

I don't know if you're anything like me, but when I'm reading a book about a place I've never been to I like to look that place up in the Internet and imagine the characters living there. I like to see the local touristy things and absorb myself into their world.

For Existing, I chose to set it in a place (and a country) that I've never been to. Therefore, I had to do lots of googling and viewing of images and used google street view quite a lot. This means that I have lots of photos saved to my phone of numerous buildings and notes about what's in those places etc. And lucky for you....I've decided to share them (and the world that Rose and Cabe live in) with you! Yay! Whoop hooo! Well, it was exciting for me! ;o) goes....

This is Cannon Beach and the famous Haystack Rock. 

This is the Lumeryard Grill where Rose and Ava go for dinner and eat pizza and fries. It's also the place where Ava spills Rose's secrets to Cabe. 

This is the menu from the Lumberyard Grill. You can see the meat-lovers pizza that Rose and Ava ordered. 

This is Cannon Beach library. In my head there were two floors (there was a bigger peice of the building just out of shot).

This is the necklace that Cabe gives to Rose. Aaaww, so pretty!! 

This is another picture of the beach but from a different angle. You can see the beginnings of the houses that are scattered along the beach. 

I have more pictures but I didn't want to bore you too much. I hope you've enjoyed the sneak peak into Cannon Beach and hope that you think I did this beautiful place justice. 

Speak to you all soon!!

Lots of love,

Beckie x x

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