Thursday, 23 May 2013

Teaser for SORROW WOODS: Should I???

Hi guys!!!

I’ve just realised that it’s 100 days until the release of Sorrow Woods! Whooo hooo! I feel like I need to do something to mark the official start of the countdown for me and have been considering releasing a little teaser.

I’d like to ask you guys (my future readers) what you’d like to see. Before I ask you to pick I guess I should tell you that Sorrow Woods is written from alternative POVs. The story flows from beginning to end but it’s told from Kaiden and Serena’s point of view in alternate chapters. With this in mind I have a few options for you to choose from and here they are:

1 - Picture (representation of a scene in the book)

2 - Quote from Kaiden from the middle of the book

3 - Quote from Serena from the end of the book

4 -Picture (representation of a scene from the book) AND a quote (that goes with the picture) fromKaiden (but I’m not telling you which part of the book this comes from)

5 - Confirmation from me of whether or not there is an epilogue

If you’d like to have your say then simply comment (you can comment via the blog direct or on goodreads) with your preferred choice.

I will take a peek later on and release the teaser tonight! I really can’t believe it’s only 100 days until the book will be available to download. It’s come around so quickly and I can’t thank you guys enough for supporting me along the way!

Beckie x x

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